Museum Facts

Different museums have different specializations. They deal in different themes, time periods and have different purposes. There are museums of archeology, history museums, art museums - even weird ones. Read more about museum interesting facts.

National Museum Jakarta

Interesting Facts about Museums

Although museums have fairly defined types there are still museums can fit in those types but only if they are taken very broadly. Read some interesting facts about museums.

Ancient Romans Statue in Museum

Types of Museums

Purpose of museum is keeping, caring and study of nature and artifacts. But different fields need different kinds of museums. Here you can read more about types of museums.

Hearst Castle Museum

Historic House Museums

Historic house museum is a house with historic authenticity that is centered around the person that lived in the house or the social role that house had in its time. You can read more about historic house museum here.

Virtual Museum of Canada Heliwell House

Virtual Museums

High technology didn’t circumvent museums and many of them choose to make virtual versions of themselves on the internet. Some of them don’t even have their real world version - just virtual. Here you can find out more about virtual museums.

Museum Tyrannosaurus Rex