Interesting Facts about Museums

  • There is a World Brick Museum in Maizuru City, Japan.
  • In the late medieval period, parts of the Palace of Versailles were used as a museum and anybody could enter but only if he had ”correct clothes”. I this case this meant silver shoe buckles and a sword. Luckily it was possible to rent them at the entrance.
  • Beside standard museums like art, science and history museums there are also less conventional ones: museum of SPAM, of PEZ candy, of potato, salami, mustard, chocolate, banana and ramen museum.
  • Oceanographic Museum in Monaco was built on a cliff, 85 meters above the sea.
  • Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany has a Buran space shuttle in its collection.
  • McLean, Texas has a museum dedicated to barbed wire.
  • In 1989, Harrison For and Lucasfilm donated Indiana Jones' fedora hat to the Smithsonian museum. In the 1999 they donated the bullwhip too.
  • St. Louis’s City Museum has the largest graphite pencil in the world. It is 23 meters long and has 9800kg.
  • First museums were cabinets of curiosities - collections of rare and strange objects that were not yet defined.
National Museum Jakarta
National Museum Jakarta