History Museums - Historic House and other History Museum Types

History museums are oriented on collecting, preserving and displaying objects important for history of a certain territory - local or more general. Their purpose is to give a chronological perspective. History museums contain wide range of artifacts, documents and archeological items. Some of the more famous history museums (or museums that have history department) are Museum of History in London, National Museum of History in Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City, and city museums of Amsterdam, Dresden, Luxembourg, New York City, Stockholm and Warsaw. One of the more common types of history museum is a history house. Reason to make a house a history house could be that it is of architectural significance, that someone famous was born or lived in it or that something important happened in it.

Museum Old House

Historic sites are also type of history museum. They are usually places where are preserved pieces of social, political or military history or they mark public crimes that happened there. Examples of that kind of historic site are Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum or Robben Island. Historic site can be any place, building, or site that is of local, regional, or national significance. They are usually protected by the law.

One more special type of history museums is ethnography museum. They are more concentrated on the culture (again local or national) than on chronology. Among newer nations they are seen as a contribution to unity among different cultures while in nations that have history in colonizing, ethnographic museums represent cultures of other peoples. They are usually founded in capital cities.

History museums are very concerned with preserving history of rural and urban tradition especially because of the rapid influence of progress. First such museum was founded in Sweden by Artur Hazilius in 1873. He founded museum of traditional life at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. After that idea spread and other cities started opening history museums as well.